Charity profile

At TLC Children's Home we're committed to upholding the value of quality over quantity. Founded in 1993 to address the serious need for quality childcare for abandoned children in South Africa, we are registered to care for up to 34 infants and children under the age of 3 years old (upon admission). Our vision is to ensure that each child is placed into a responsible "forever family", whilst we provide the best possible care and every opportunity for them to develop to their full potential.

TLC works very much along the lines of the starfish approach. If you're unfamiliar with this common metaphorical story, the message it conveys is essentially that the impact we make, while seemingly tiny from a quantitative perspective, is immeasurable to an individual whose life has been transformed or saved from our intervention. Our limited intake number allows us to provide holistic, quality care to each child. This in turn gives them a better foundation to build from as they become adults.

In our 24 years of operation we have placed over 800 babies into loving "forever families". The life changing impact of having these 100's of children grow up in families as opposed to institutions is undeniable when considering the new trajectory of their lives. A life of opportunity, as opposed to the impoverished environments from which they came. Environments in which instances of abuse and crime are rife. Moving into the future we anticipate extending our impact to expectant mothers.