Charity profile

Thuso   E Tla Tsoa Kae is a special school in Botha-Bothe  dedicated to the  development  of children with disabilities. the school caters for 67 children with intellectual and multiple disabilities. The Centre strives to provide a supportive home environment and a centre of learning for  67 students who have a range of disabilities including: intellectual disabilities, multiple disabilities,  Down Syndrome, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The centre aims to assist all of our students to gain skills so that they are able to live as independently as possible and to have meaningful roles in their families and communities. Our focus for this month is an assessment centre project because children at the school are not properly assessed due to lack of multi-disciplinary team such as Occupational therapist, speech therapist and specialised doctors in the field of disabilities, to provide appropriate assessment processes of the children for proper grouping and placement.