Charity profile

LIV THOKOMALA endeavours to give each child within these homes every opportunity to reach their full potential as we do for our LIV children in the Durban village. We will continue to work with the social workers assigned from the local Child Welfare offices and the newly appointed local churches who will undergird each home bringing regular support to the mothers and children through the various skills of their members. This includes professional counselling when required, extramural activities for children with talents in the arts and sport, career guidance, and most importantly extended family support. 

 “The effects of HIV/AIDS demands a more SUSTAINED APPROACH involving the COMMUNITY and a primary unit of care and nurturing, namely the family. A SOLID FAMILY ENVIRONMENT is essential in paving the way towards the realisation of FUTURE DREAMS and aspirations of children.”
- Nelson Mandela

At present, there are 18 LIV Thokomala homes around South Africa each with Trained foster mothers and 98 children in residence. Thokomala at capacity can be home to 108 children (should funding be available; more homes can be purchased, and more children can be placed in loving homes)

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