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The UPliftment Programme - Sharing the healing power of JOY

Here's a big YAY just for you! Thanks for taking the time to see what's UP?...

The UP is a Not for Profit Organisation 122-357 NPO & PBO 930018482 founded in 2003. We are an arts for health humanitarian organisation, committed to bringing UPliftment and extra care to sick & traumatised children in communities, homes & hospitals.

Sharing joy sUPports their well-being & recuperation.

We professionally train our Care Clowns, they then commit to local hospitals & homes and donate their time there. Currently we UPlift over 3500 children every month.

WE ARE GROWING OUR JOY FAMILY GROUP BY GROUP - school by school we have trained UP over 100 care clowns in South Africa now & we'd love you to support or join our family :)

We are committed to UPlifting and supporting society by sharing the healing power of JOY. A joyful society is a solution orientated society, full of love, hope and peace...

You can sUPport us, either by donating money or time - by becoming a Care Clown or offering your skills to help us grow UP.

"Bliss is the gift you receive when you share joy with another" Nikki Jackman (founder and cheer/chairlady of The UP)

For more info call us on 083 300 2177 or email

A special thanks to ALL who do sUPport us, thanks for keeping us ON THE UP - and for all your love, generosity and care - here's wishing you a whole heap back of the same in your lives.

WHAT'S UP Right now & COMING:

CARE CLOWNING Training active in CAPE TOWN & GAUTENG in March & KWAZULU NATAL coming in May (please email upliftmentprogramme(at) for applications & more info)


  • All other areas please apply - when large enough group ready (6 or more) we'll be up there to train you UP...
  • SCHOOLS - if you're school is keen on implementing this UPlifting community service, give us a holler (Herschel Girls School has been running this for 5 years, requests for other schools are lining up)
  • COMPANIES - if your company wants some hands-on CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility, give us a shout we'll get your team UP and Care Clowning...

FOR A LITTLE VISUAL on our work - The Free Spirit feature is worth a watch and share - click here -
It's all UP from here...!!!

  • If you'd like our newsletter - our regular UPdate - please mail us on and we'll add you to the list of UPpers...