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Charity profile

Thembalitsha USA (TUSA) is a registered 501 c3 set up to support the work of the Thembalitsha Foundation.

We are a diverse team of people who seek to restore hope. Since 1997, Thembalitsha has invested in the communities of South Africa – inspiring change and offering a hand-up rather than a handout— by providing services in the areas of health, education and training.

We are Thembalitsha. We are Hope Restorers.


Agape Educare Centre - "Providing education and loving care." Agape is an Early Childhood Centre situated in Asanda Village catering to the local community. Providing an opportunity for children to receive a solid educational foundation.

EduCare Grabouw - "An early start for a brighter future."Thembalitsha’s newest and most ambitious project to date, EduCare Grabouw is an exciting initiative that aims to contribute to meeting a critical community need – providing essential Early Childhood Development centres for children who would otherwise not receive adequate foundation essentials in education.

Graceland Pre-School - "Getting education right from the start."Graceland is an educational project that serves mostly children of farmworkers in the Devon Valley community of Stellenbosch. We offer hope by providing quality preschool education to children who would, for the most part, have nowhere else to go while their parents are away at work. 

School of Hope - "Providing a second chance to at-risk and vulnerable youth."Located in Observatory, Cape Town, School of Hope provides at-risk, vulnerable youth a second chance at education. We are registered with the Western Cape Education Department, and our 145 students enjoy individual attention in small classes within a trusting learning environment. 


Mama Themba - "Equipping mothers to nurture new life."Located in the Helderberg district of the Western Cape, Mama Themba offers essential antenatal & breastfeeding education and support to mothers who wouldn’t otherwise have access to such care and services.

ThembaCare Grabouw - "Taking healthcare to our vulnerable community."Located in a rural area east of Cape Town, ThembaCare Grabouw serves as the only overnight 24-hour hospice facility in a town of 65,000. This seven-bed hospice is designed to provide quality palliative care for those who are terminally ill and whose lives have been devastated by HIV/AIDS and TB. We also have a dedicated team of home-based carers who make daily visits to more than 350 people a month, living with HIV, TB and chronic illness in the informal settlements of Grabouw.


Themba Connect - "Connecting people and potential through teaching and training."A community development centre located in the small town of Adelaide in the Eastern Cape. The purpose of this centre is to equip and develop community members while improving lives. In Adelaide, communities are highly focused on their own individual needs not being met – often waiting for governments or outsiders to solve them, instead of attempting to do so themselves. Themba Connect seeks to shift this paradigm and help transform the community’s focus to working on their skills and assets, through workshops and training courses.

Themba Training - "Empowering communities through social entrepreneurship." Themba Training serves a number of communities in the Helderberg and Grabouw areas. They aim to equip individuals in the local communities with the necessary skills to generate an income by offering basic skills training. Beneficiaries are equipped with practical skills that include basic computer skills, business and relevant life skills and handcraft skills. Equipped individuals may then use these skills to become small business owners or enter the formal or informal job market, thereby being empowered to support their families.