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We are a Joy Movement who trains and supports people of all ages to live joyful and service oriented lives. We train Care Clowns who visit children in hospitals, orphanages and special needs homes. And we train joy catalysts who visit communities and even corporates and we inspire all to thrive and keep being both human and KIND.

We are also known as The UP and we are a Not for Profit Organisation 122-357 NPO & PBO 930018482 founded in 2003.

Sharing joy supports the well-being & recuperation of children in hospitals and homes and our volunteers also win - through this exchange as they learn the beauty of service and kindness.

We professionally train our volunteers to be Care Clowns and or Joy Catalysts, they then commit to local hospitals, homes and or communities and donate their time there. Currently we UPlift 6 institutions and approvimately 300 children every month.

WE ARE GROWING OUR JOY FAMILY GROUP BY GROUP - school by school we have trained UP over 500 care clowns in South Africa now & we'd love you to support or join our family :)

We are committed to UPlifting and supporting humanKIND, we see the WinWinWin for society by showing the magic of sharing the healing power of JOY. A joyful society is a solution orientated society, full of love, hope and peace...

You can sUPport us, either by donating money or time - by becoming a Care Clown or Joy Catalyst and or offering your skills to help us grow UP.

"Bliss is the gift you receive when you share joy with another" Nicola Jackman (founder and cheer/chairlady of The UP)

For more info email upliftmentprogramme(at)

A special thanks to ALL who do sUPport us, thanks for keeping us moving joy around southern Africa and the world. Thank you for all your love, generosity and care - here's wishing you a whole heap back of the same kindness in your lives.

JOY Training active in CAPE TOWN & GAUTENG, GARDEN ROUTE & KWAZULU NATAL (please email upliftmentprogramme(at) for applications & more info)

  • All other areas please apply - when large enough group ready (6 or more) we'll be up there to train you UP...
  • SCHOOLS - if you're school is keen on implementing this UPlifting community service, give us a holler (Herschel Girls School has been running this for 5 years, requests for other schools are lining up)
  • COMPANIES - if your company wants some hands-on CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility, give us a shout we'll get your team UP and Care Clowning...

FOR A LITTLE VISUAL on our work - The Free Spirit feature is worth a watch and share - click here -
It's all UP from here...!!!

  • If you'd like our newsletter - our regular UPdate - please mail us on and we'll add you to the list of UPpers...