Charity profile

"The House" Group of Projects began in 1991 with the Hillbrow Drop-In Centre which serves as a temporary haven for young street girls under 19 years. The Centre has gained recognition from street children and sex trade operators in the area, and by means of early intervention and retrieval, has become a net for these "lost girls" who have fallen through the system. Under the umbrella of the "The House", the following projects have evolved:

 The Intombi Shelter for Girls provides a temporary home for a few months, allowing time for referral, or preferably, family reintegration.

The Kulula Skills Centre aims to provide these girls with a skill that would enable them to earn a living, or to pass on their skills to others, E.g. Cooking, hairdressing, dressmaking, first aid, computer literacy, etc.

The Kliptown Feeding Scheme attempts to feed 400 young children three times a week. These children are mostly victems of the Aids Pandemic, and the girls share in the responsibility of running the soup kitchen.