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  1. Join our amazing Herd and help us to raise funds for children with cancer by riding the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge as a Cow!LOVE LIVING LIFE!!

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    R4,007 raised
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Other campaigns

  1. Midmar 2019
    The Cows are swimming the Aquelle Midmar Mile 2019 to raise money for CHOC and children with cancer.
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  2. Fundraise with The Cows at Other Events in 2018!
    Join the Stampede and raise money for children with cancer!
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  3. Two Oceans 2018
    The Cows are running Two Oceans!
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Fundraiser projects

Fundraising with The Cows for CHOC!!

By Simone Reid

Fundraising with The Cows for CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation of SA)

4.16666666666667% Completed
R250 raised
R6,000 Target
313 DAYS

Running towards a brighter future

By Meg Rebstein-Dovey

My aim is to fundraise money for the children of CHOC who suffer from cancer. All money goes to t...

0% Completed
R0 raised
R50,000 Target

Swimming the aQuelle Midmar Mile 2018 with the Cows!!

By Fynnigans AweSwimFourSome

Fynnigans are an “AweSwimFourSome” swimming the Midmar Mile 2018 with The Cows to support childre...

33.0428571428571% Completed
R2,313 raised
R7,000 Target

Fundraising with The Cows for CHOC!!

By Marc Rosseau

Fundraising with The Cows to support children with cancer (CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA)

0% Completed
R0 raised
R10,000 Target
193 DAYS