Charity profile

The Clothing Bank's mission is to 'Empower Unemployed Mothers through Enterprise Development'. We offer the women enrolled in our holistic two year business and life skills training programme the opportunity to earn an income as they practically apply the skills they learn in our supportive environment to their small businesses. We do this by building relationships with retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of consumer goods who donate their excess stock to our cause which is sold to our beneficiaries at a greatly reduced price intended for resale in their communities. The donated items are essentially used as the tool to teach. Each woman starts running a small business within six weeks of joining the programme and the objective is that she should earn enough to feed, clothe and educate her family.  Our motto is "Don’t give a women a fish, teach a women to fish AND teach her how to sell her fish". The Clothing Bank is considered a best practice example of sustainable Enterprise Development and our results speak for themselves.  We have assisted over 350 women to start small business in 4 years, collectively they have generated profits in excess of R10m.  This is money that is used to improve their lives, pay off their debts and save and it has the added benefit of stimulating other township based businesses. "Our programme changes lives, one garment at a time".