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  1. Tygerberg Hospital is the second largest in the country and cares for the most sick children per year in our province the Western Cape, almost all of them from indigent families. Despite the best attempts of the public healthcare system, this hospital's children is in great need of support. South Africa is “ground zero” for the outbreak in sub-Saharan Africa and Tygerberg Hospital is at the epicenter of the response to the COVI...


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Other campaigns

  1. General Paediatrics
    TBH paediatrics plays an important role in the healthcare & early childhood development of millions of children.
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  2. Social Development
    With our focus on holistic healthcare, nutrition, physical and mental health is included in the work that we do.
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  3. Specialised Care
    Infectious diseases, childhood cancer and disabilities are exacerbated by the lack of education and nutrition in our indigent communities.
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  4. Neonatology
    The branch of medicine concerned with the treatment and care of newborn babies.
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