Charity profile

The Tereo Community School Project is a faith-based, non-profit organisation, established in 1999 as a school for street children and children at risk in the Helderberg Basin and is located in Somerset West. Tereo offers children at risk the opportunity to learn in a place of safety.

Tereo provides education, daily meals, clothing and much needed emotional support to the children.
No matter what the child's circumstance, Tereo’s doors are open; ready to give these children a chance to get the education that every child has a basic right to.  By providing them this support, we strive to break the cycle of poverty caused by little or no education and an alternative to turn to crime which so many are forced to do so due to circumstances

Tereo is a special purpose school registered at the Western Cape Education Department and National Department of Education, with the added benefit of smaller classes (12-16 learners per class).  Tereo works with street children that for some social trauma event or circumstances, fell out of the formal education system and are not mainstream-school ready. Most of the children are also out of synchronization between their current age and projected mainstream education age. i.e. they may be too old to enter mainstream schooling due to living on the streets, homeless, etc. Holistic intervention is therefore needed here to normalise these children’s lives.

All our funding comes from donations and sponsorships. 
While we ask parents to contribute to school fees, in most cases this does not or cannot materialize.  We strive to ensure that no child in need is turned away.

What we provide from our limited resources:
•   Given their home situations and lack of financial support, they are transported to and from school and to all events, otherwise they do not or cannot come to school.  

•          Life coaching is also provided as most children are socially ill-adapted often due to their environment or traumatic events which they have been exposed to.

•          We also provide them with 2 meals daily and provide weekend and holiday food parcels since the food Tereo and the food partners provide, are in many cases the only food these children get.

•          We provide school clothing, shoes, bags and stationery and even sport clothing for the odd athlete.

The mission of Tereo
is to build the gap between the current unschooled state of the children and mainstream education. The more children we can place at mainstream schools, the more successful we are and the more opportunities the children then have to change their lives and circumstances. Tereo has touched the lives of more than 800 children in the last 20 years of which about a third were placed in mainstream schools.