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  1. The TEARS 2021 Sleepathon is underway! Check out the Snoozers' Projects and donate to any one of these amazing animal lovers who are raising funds for a cause that they believe in leading up to the night that they will come to TEARS Animal Rescue and spend the night either at the Kennels with the dogs or at the Cattery with the cats. By spending the night at the shelter with animals, our snoozers are facing a real challenge...

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Other campaigns

  1. Pay-For-A-Spay
    Sterilisation is the most effective way to prevent animal suffering. Be part of the solution and help us sterilise underprivileged pets.
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  2. TEARS Animal Rescue
    TEARS is a pro-life, non-profit organisation whose core aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned, abused and neglected dogs and cats.
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Fundraiser projects

I am raising funds for TEARS

By Gaby Mitchell

Hi! I'm Gaby and I'm raising money to help all the dogs and cats at TEARS. This project is close ...

9.5% Completed
R950 raised
R10,000 Target