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  1. TEARS Animal Rescue faces an unsure future: BUT YOU CAN HELP!Our vision as a pro-life organisation where we rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals in the communities that we serve (and in some that we do not even remotely have any direct obligation to) has been severely tested this year!Expenses and costs have hopelessly exceeded our fund-raising initiatives, revenue from our retail outlets and current donations by our valued and a...


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  1. TEARS Spring Sleepathon 2017
    Passionate animal-lovers spending a night with rescued pets at the TEARS Shelter to raise money and awareness so we can help many more animals in need
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  2. Pay-For-A-Spay
    Sterilisation is the most effective way to prevent animal suffering. Be part of the solution and help us sterilise underprivileged pets.
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Activist projects

I am sleeping in the dog box on 7 October

By Cindy Robertson

I will be spending the night in a kennel with some of the TEARS dogs on 7 October 2017. My goal i...

60% Completed
R900 raised
R1,500 Target

Chelsea for TEARS Sleepathon

By Chelsea Harvey

Raising funds to support TEARS

0% Completed
R0 raised
R10,000 Target

14th October 2017

By Lindy Love

I will be participating in the TEARS Sleepathon again this year and spending 12 hours in the shel...

0% Completed
R0 raised
R3,000 Target

FurBaby Funds

By Cameron MacKenzie

Raising funds to try and help improve these animals lives until they are able to find their forev...

44.5% Completed
R4,450 raised
R10,000 Target