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  1. Our Short-Term Wildlife Care Facility offers full-flight aviaries, aqua pens, small mammal night and day enclosures as well as temperature controlled environments for reptiles. We rescue all kinds of wildlife, including seals, porcupines, owls, tortoises, caracals, wild birds, small buck and snakes, to name but a few. The past year saw the admission of 1,725 wild animals.It has become apparent that our wildlife is more at risk than e...


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    Giving is not about making a donation; it is about making a difference
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  2. Madam Marie Critical Care Equine Unit
    Our Horse Care Unit admits some of the worst cases of equine abuse. We have a desperate need for a critical care stable to help heal these horses.
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  3. Comrades4Canines
    Helping animals helping people
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Fundraiser projects


By Greg Korck

For Comrades 2018 I've decided to be part of a team of 3 runners looking to raise R100,000.00 for...

3.35% Completed
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By Liam Gannon

I have decided to put my body on the line for the SPCA in the hope that it motivates people to pr...

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Support the Chicken Run

By Ross Dold

This year, to support Team SPCA, I will be running the Sanlam Peace Trail in a bright yellow chic...

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R15,000 Target
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2018 Karoo 2 Coast - Stodart Edition

By Marelise Stodart-Lochner

In 2017 the Stodart Sisters faced the Olympic Dirty Double Duathlon in aid of the CoGH SPCA. In ...

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R218 raised
R2,018 Target
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