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  1. The SAWC’s anti-poaching successes on the ground have increased exponentially in recent years. Our K9 Unit, combined with well-trained field rangers, aerial support and community engagement, makes for an innovative and successful four-tiered approach to countering poaching. Our on-leash and off-leash scent and detection hounds work well in a rugged and challenging terrain. Breeding and training ensure that they give 110%, whether it’...

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  1. SAWC's K9 Unit
    The SAWC’s K9 Unit trains dogs, including free-running pack dogs & handlers, to combat wildlife crime. We’re raising money to increase their security.
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  2. Hike 4 Rhinos Campaign
    The Hike 4 Rhinos expedition, which was the brainchild of Jo Devenish, was aimed at raising awareness on the plight of the rhino.
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