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  1. Makarios Nursery and Primary School, Nyeri, Kenya. A school made out of old torn iron sheets ready to collapse. It is a school of 235 children, many from the Makarios Children’s Home, an orphanage under the care of the Sophia for Children, and the rest are poor children from the community. Education is the only way for these children to change their lives and have hope for the future. But their lives are in danger. The appalling...

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  1. Celebrating for their Dreams!
    Κάντε τα γενέθλιά σας ακόμα πιο ξεχωριστά αυτή τη χρονιά και δώσετε ζωή στα όνειρα των παιδιών που χρειάζονται την στήριξη μας.
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