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  1. Are you unable to shave or spray at Shavathon 2016, but want to show your support? Click on the 'Donate Button' to pay your Bail Out Fee of R50 or donate more!For more information on how funds raised at Shavathon are used to fight cancer, please visit www.shavathon.org.za


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  1. Corporate Shavathon Fundraising Activists 2016
    Sign up your company as a Shavathon Online Corporate Champion for our 2016 campaign by clicking on the "Create Your Fundraising Page" button. Promote your company's online fundraisi...
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  2. Individual Shavathon Activists 2016
    YOU can rally your contacts to raise funds for our 2016 Shavathon Campaign.  Create your own fundraising page for Shavathon by clicking on the "Create Your Fundraising Page" button...
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  3. World Cancer Day #NoHairSelfie Campaign 2016
    CANSA invites you to DROP your hair, INVITE a stare, GET the conversation GOING & AWARENESS of cancer GROWING!
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