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SevaUnite: How Can I Help?

The beginning of spiritual life stems from service to humanity. Serving others selflessly, doing good works for others without any ulterior motive will become the social philosophy of the twenty-first century. Selfless service is a complete spiritual path. It is the simplest and easiest path to God. Whatever service we do for others helps to purify our self.
– Swami Satyananda

SevaUnite is a Cape Town based NPO. Our vision is to support people in becoming involved in selfless service. We offer our volunteers training in the path of selfless service. We initiate projects in impoverished communities that allow relationships to develop between our volunteers and communities with the aim of upliftment and well being.

We currently run several yoga projects that include working with HIV positive communities, children, youth at risk and prison inmates. We have also developed partnerships with other NPO's and collaborate to create projects where we help people and by helping people, we are help ourselves. Our projects are designed to be win win. SevaUnite gets volunteers to look at what they feel capable of offering and then create opportunities for people to make that offering.

To the question, "How can I help?" we now see the possibility of a deeper answer than we might once have expected. We can, of course, help through all that we do. But at the deepest level we help through who we are. We help, that is, by appreciating the connection between service and our own progress on the journey of awakening into a fuller sense of unity. We work on ourselves, then, in order to help others. And we help others as a vehicle for working on ourselves. - Ram Dass