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  1. A Martial Eagle pair has successfully bred on Selati for a number of years. The purpose of placing a real-time camera at the nest is to document the Martial Eagles breeding biology including, behaviour, incubation, chick development and fledging, prey selection, and post-fledging dependence on the nest.  Incidental nest observations have been recorded previously but thorough documentation of a breeding cycle from nest recon...

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  1. Giants of Selati Fund 2021
    We once again need your assistance with the 2021 elephant immunocontraception annual booster shots!
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  2. Camera Traps
    Camera traps are critical tools, not only for research but as early warning systems for poaching incursions. We need your help to buy cameras!
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  3. Rhino Collaring and Dehorning Fund
    Rhino's are highly sought after by poachers for their horn. We can reduce the threat to them by dehorning and monitoring them with a radio collar.
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I am raising funds for Compass community provision and social services

By Cleodene Daniels

Hi! I need your help. I'm raising money for Selati Wilderness Foundation NPC, who do great work f...

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