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  1. South Africa is failing educating its children.  Children may attend school, but the reality is harsh - many teachers can not pass the maths tests for the children they teach, many parents of children can not read so cant help their children with homework and by 10 years old 78% of children can not read for meaning. This is where afterschool bridges the gap.  Sawabona Africa is looking to purchase a classroom for ...


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Other campaigns

  1. Sawabona Africa e.V.
    Support Education. Deliver Hope. Giving as many children in South Africa access to quality education Bildung fördern. Hoffnung schenken.
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  2. Qama's Education / Bildung
    Help cover the costs of Qama's education. Helfen Sie uns, die Kosten für die Ausbildung von Qama zu decken.
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