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Charity profile

While the Right2Know Campaign launched in August 2010 as a coalition of organisations and people responding to the Protection of State Information Bill (the Secrecy Bill), the Campaign quickly broadened its scope to tackle related issues.

The Secrecy Bill is a symptom and symbol of much broader obstacles to the free flow of information. These are not merely the rights of journalists or the privileges of an economic elite: free expression and access to information are the building blocks of an accountable democracy that is able to deliver on the basic needs of its people.

In keeping with this commitment, the Right2Know Campaign now mobilises on four legs:

  • Advance Protest Rights: To promote the right to protest as a critical freedom of expression issue, support protesters to understand and defend their rights, and challenge the state and private security when laws, policies, or practice frustrate protest including the electronic and offline surveillance of activists.
  • Communication RightsTo ensure more equitable access to the internet by reducing the cost of mobile data and expanding the rollout of fibre, and challenging online surveillance as well as promoting the right to privacy.
  • Participatory DemocracyTo support other CSOs (especially local organisations situated in poor communities) to ensure they receive meaningful engagement, and to campaign for Open Meetings. We currently organise through three democratic provincial working groups based in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape – as well as an elected national committee made up of representatives from key civil society organisations, community groups and social movements from across our support bases.

Read more about us :

Website: www.r2k.org.za

Facebook: facebook.com/r2kcampaign/

Twitter: @r2kcampaign

Instagram: instagram.com/r2kcampaign