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“It’s our duty as Africans, to be the voice of all living things”- Tijana

Educating today’s Youth to become successful change makers and leaders of the future.

The GWA - Rhino SA / Wildlife SA / Kathorus Teams are touching the lives of thousands of pupils a week through our Rhino SA Education and Awareness School Program.
Over 600 000 school children have been educated already on the plight of the Rhino & Wildlife trafficking.
The youth of today have a right to know that by 2020, there is a strong there could be no more rhino in the wild if the massacre does NOT STOP NOW!!! 1 Rhino is massacred every 7 hours, 1 Elephant is killed for it's ivory tusks every 15 minutes etc.
The “Silent Voice” of the Rhino & Wildlife MUST be heard.

The GWA Global Youth Education & Awareness Projects supports various stakeholders, that share the same vision as the organization. (e.g: Johannesburg Zoo & City Parks, University of Witwatersrand, Vlakfontein Community Youth Project, Kathorus Community Project, & many more)

Please help today by starting your own DONATION page and becoming an ACTIVIST for the GWA Rhino SA / Wildlife SA & Kathorus Youth Projects. Every cent donated will help to educate the Youth of South Africa and the World, assist with education & awareness programs of un-employed Youth and schools a well as various stakeholder events (e.g: World Environment Day - JHB Zoo, YEBO GOGGA Science Week - Wits University etc.)

"The future of Africa is dependent on the EDUCATION of the younger generation!"

Thank you for doing something today so that we can have Rhino tomorrow. (Message from the Youth of South Africa and the World)

The Green Wall of Africa SEE Projects (GWA) (NPO 105-399) is a project management & solutions organisation dedicated to uplifting and empowering the YOUTH of South Africa.
Our youth-based and youth-driven, social, environmental and economic projects are geared toward the protection and preservation of our natural heritage.
We strive to uphold our vision and mission within an arena of participation and dialogue amongst all role players.
The GWA is bound by an implicit and intrinsic ethic of high morality, professionalism and transparency.

RHINO SA / WILDLIFE SA / KATHORUS Youth Project is a youth-driven, outreach and awareness initiative aimed at educating today’s youth about the unmitigated and ongoing slaughter of South Africa’s rhinos and wildlife, and, thereby actively involving the youth of South Africa in Wildlife Conservation and Heritage Preservation.
These projects falls under the Green Wall of Africa S.E.E. Projects NPO and all funds raised for will be directed via the Green Wall of Africa SEE Projects NPO for distribution.