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  1. It’s us again. Offending people with our explicit language. But here is the thing - there is a vulnerable group of people fondly known as rare disease patients. They are sore. They are sick. They are isolated. They are battling. And, like all of us, they will die, but unlike all of us, they will die without dignity. Simply because they won a genetic lottery that gave them a condition that “costs too much money”. Now THAT is OFFENSIVE...

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  1. Hip-Hip-Hoo-RARE!
    It's Rare Diseases South Africa's 8th Birthday on the 14th of May and the greatest gift we could ask for is help to enable us to help others!
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  2. I am #1in15
    1 in 15 South Africans are affected by Rare Diseases.... That is the equivalent of 1 player in every rugby team! It could be someone you know and love
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  3. Overheads Anonymous
    Help us to keep the lights on (literally), so we can continue to provide the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel for Rare patients & families.
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Elmi Smith - Rare Diseases

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Hi! I'll appreciate your support. I am raising money for Rare Diseases South Africa. Please donat...

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