Charity profile

Raising Hope SA is an NPO founded by 12 year old Ashlyn Klinkradt to assist children and adults with disabilities to see possibilities that arise from disabilities. We support families and individuals impacted by disability through our 5 programs:

1. Hampers of Hope: A feeding scheme that provide staple food items to 35 families for the two long school holidays of the school year. These families all have children with physical disabilities.

2. Assistive devices: We support families where we can with assistive devices such as orthotics or tablets for communication purposes.

3. Homeschool Support: We provide advice and support to families who have chosen to homeschool their child/ren with disabilities.

4. Support Packs: These are provided for 5 key disabilities impacting South Africans as a source of basic information and guidance.

5: Support Program: We work with Rare Diseases South Africa to assist and support families who have just received a rare disease diagnosis.