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  1. 2018 Put Foot Rally in support of the Put Foot FoundationThe Put Foot Foundation gift brand new school shoes to young underprivileged learners in South Africa! Giving kids 'Hope, Pride and Dignity': the foundations of a positive future!Our aim is raise funds for brand new school shoes, which we'll deliver during and after the event!HOW IT WORKS:Each Crew must raise R750 / $50 per person for the official charity to validate their entr...

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    R560,630 raised
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Fundraiser projects

58 Bark Sandwich 2

By Hamish MacMillan

2018 Put Foot Rally

29% Completed
R2,900 raised
R10,000 Target

42 - Double Trouble

By Double Trouble Team 42 - Putfoot Rally 2018

Will we reach at least CHF 1500 (ZAR 20’000) till latest end of the rally?? Thanks for supporti...

87.6666666666667% Completed
SFr1,315 raised
SFr1,500 Target

School Shoes for Africa

By 023 Bruise Cruise

Raising funds for school shoes for underprivileged children in Southern Africa

18.185% Completed
R3,637 raised
R20,000 Target

45 Wazed & Paced

By 45 Wazed and Paced

Trying to leave Africa a better place!

100% Completed
$100 raised
$100 Target