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Project Dignity :

Research has shown that at least 7 million school girls in South Africa cannot afford sanitary pads. This results in millions of girls missing up to 3 months of school every year!

Project Dignity developed a product that not only helps to restore their dignity, but also allows them to once again become active members in society.  It’s called SUBZ: A pack that consists of washable, re-usable panties and sanitary pads that can last up to 5 years, if washed properly. This product is also eco-friendly, bio-degradable and can prevent the spread of diseases like HIV/AIDS and Ebola.

The aim of Project Dignity is to reduce absenteeism and dropout rates in schools and increase opportunities for girls to complete their education with dignity.

A donation of $28 or R300 keeps one girl in school for approximately 5 years!  By donating towards this worthy cause you are empowering these girls to take control of their future and restore their dignity.

Join our sponsors: Tsogo Sun, Investec, Hirsch's, AfriSun and Old Mutual and let us help these girls.

By educating a woman you educate a nation!