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Through Farming, Education, Nutrition and African Inspiration

We are here to lead the next generation into a greater greener nation.

The lands of South Africa are the richest on the planet but our people are enslaved and are bound by poverty. With enough resources for all to thrive we could not help but ask why?

We believe that we can provide sustainable solutions for some of South Africa's most prominent issues. Many of these problems are reflected by the social inequality and poverty that permeates throughout our society. PlantNation was founded in an attempt to address these imbalances. While poverty abounds there is an abundance of funding tied up in corporate South Africa that we are looking to unlock and utilize as financial capital can be the driving force that catalyses these very necessary changes that poorer communities require. The plan is to tap into private, corporate and government funding through the utilisation of Community Social Investment programs.

In conjunction with existing and new development projects we will be able to promote the creation of functional farm-land, sustainable systems and educate the surrounding community to live a self-sustainable, high quality lifestyle where they can not only earn a living but grow one too.

Our emphasis is to work on municipal and communal land, working in schools, farms, fields, parks, and recreational areas. We undertake to perform an in-depth analysis of individual community requirements with every project; thereby ensuring that each individual community obtains maximum value - our aim being to determine the most beneficial methodology that will get the community and land growing functionally.

From working on reforestation and tree planting programs, installing farming systems, water tanks, fertility systems, alternative energy solutions and vegetable gardens, to restoring and establishing fully-functional farmlands, we are able to develop the land and resources available in order to create a more self-sustaining natural environment.

The big picture is to assist in the development of under-utilised land and resources while concurrently educating the community on continued self-sustainability, so that we leave behind a culture of new age farmers, well-fed children and self-sustaining communities. With the integration of full volunteer programs we are sure to get all walks of life connecting with us and the land, spreading a message of unity, green love and the rise of Africa.