Charity profile

Philile (Zulu for 'I am alive; full of life') The Philile Foundation is a registered non profit organisation (NPO) that provides quality early childhood development services. Resulting in empowerment of local community members and ultimately providing an environment for happy, disciplined, confident children who are ready to assume their role in the next era.

                        live / love / learn

The problem:

Quality education for all is one of the most crucial challenges facing South African society:

  • Large numbers of children do not have access to pre-school’s and of those that get the opportunity, many do not complete the primary cycle.
  • Education quality is poor and an enormous gap exists between the number of pupils graduating from school and those mastering a minimum set of cognitive skills.
  • Most families do not have the time, resources or knowledge to give attention to school readiness strategies for their children.

Our solution:

We aspire to not only to provide quality education, but to see the physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social development of children addressed, alongside employing and training staff from the local community. Philile aims to introduce and develop new strategies for inner city and urban education; breaking the cycle of underachievement in socially and economically deprived areas.

Philile Vision: Philile exists to strengthen communities and the future generations of South Africa through Early Childhood Development and education.

Philile Mission: To transform communities through quality educational services

Philile Purpose: To build a future generation

The Philile Foundation has a vision for a South Africa where every child has access to quality pre-school education.

Play-based learning develops the fundamentals of mathematics, language concepts, innovation, problem solving and creativity. The Foundation has an integrated and holistic approach to education, which includes wellness, nutrition, sport, environmental awareness, entrepreneurship and the personal development of each child.

Our ECD Centre's:

Hillbrow is the inner city neighbourhood of Johannesburg; known for its dense, multicultural and vibrant population along with unemployment, poverty and crime. Our ECD Centre is situated in the Children’s Memorial Institute (CMI). Confident, happy, disciplined children are outcomes of committed staff members who love what they do.

In the heart of Diepsloot Ext 12, our ECD Centre is an oasis in the community. Rainwater tanks collect runoff water from the roofs of the brightly painted containers which act as classrooms. Anti-drip taps are fitted throughout to ensure optimal water usage. Solar panels shine brightly on top of one of the classrooms providing electricity to the Centre and a biodigester provides biogas for cooking and fertiliser for our vegetable garden.


Keeping in mind the vision of empowering communities and the future generation of South Africa, Philile has divided its activities into four main programmes that provide a foundation for specific goal-oriented projects. 

These include:  

ECD is Philile’s core mechanism for strengthening communities, as such, any project directly related to ECD and its essential components falls within the ECD programme;

Community Engagement:
Philile believes in holistic development and recognises that the development of the broader communities within which it offers ECD services will not only enhance the effectiveness of these ECD services, but is also imperative to their vision of strengthening communities and the future generation of South Africa. Therefore, the community engagement programme exists to house any project that will complement the primary ECD services Philile offers and contribute to the empowerment  of communities.

Centre Development:
Philile sees the value of harnessing the resources of existing ECD centres as a means of increasing their reach within the communities they service.  This lends itself to sustainable development, as it builds upon existing entities that are already established and known by the beneficiaries.

Monitoring and Evaluation:
Monitoring and evaluation is key to the effective functioning and improvement of any organisation, programme and project. Therefore, Philile’s Monitoring and Evaluation programme covers projects that will continuously measure the impact that Philile’s programmes and projects are having, as well as assess the organisation’s effectiveness and sustainability.