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  1. PAST supports field and lab research spanning the entire palaeontological and Stone Age archaeological records, in all parts of Africa. How do we do this? Through funding small exploratory projects as well as well-established, interdisciplinary projects that are collaborations of international teams at both little and well-known fossil sites. The 20-year excavation, cleaning, reconstruction, casting, and analysis of Little Foot - a v...

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  1. Help us take #AllFromOne to the world
    Our global #AllFromOne campaign is based on the science that we are 99.9% genetically the same – and that there simply is no us and them
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  2. Support our postgraduate training to develop African Science
    In pursuit of the development of African science, PAST provides bursaries for postgraduate students in origin sciences at African universities.
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  3. Join us in Walking Tall with our unique schools project
    Our Walking Tall Theatre Project allows Africa’s youth to gain powerful insight into our shared origins, and so confront misconceptions about race.
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