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  1. It's been a passionate journey, and after three years, Oscars Arc's WOOF Project has reached 3000 dog adoptions. When you donate, your money goes straight to the shelter dogs. We have a small passionate team that spend every ounce of their time and energy 'moving and grooving' shelter dogs from shelters to forever homes - and it's all only possible with support from people like you! Just a R30 donation each m...

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  1. Mandela Day 2020
    #GIVE67 Make a profound difference by donating R67 towards our goal of raising R67000 this Mandela Day.
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    Sponsor the cost of an adoption with a monthly donation of R99 or a once off donation of R1200 and help save a life.
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  3. Donate
    Together, we will home them all!
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