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In July, a chokka boat with 16 on board capsized off St Francis, this brought back memories of the tragedy in 1966 when 17 fishermen drowned off Still Bay. For the pas...

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It is a natural progression for NSRI to get involved with Lifeguarding. We regularly respond to calls for a drowning in progress, often working closely with Lifesaving...

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Sea Rescue is working with various organisations to increase safety at our beaches, rivers and dams through joint safety initiatives, making sure that people are aware...

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NSRI Station 37, Jeffreys Bay was established in 2010, after the donation of two jet skis acted as the catalyst to realise this long time dream of a Rescue Base in the...

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Sumaridge is a proud supporter of NSRI's Station 17, Hermanus, and in support of the Sea Rescue volunteers is making a donation from the sale of every bottle of Mariti...

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In South Africa 600 children die from drowning every year. That is the equivalent of ten buses full of children. According to the Medical Research Council, those most ...


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