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Charity profile

Dear Friend of Multiple Sclerosis

MSSA is a registered NPO (nonprofit organization).   MSSA serves people with MS nationwide.  Eastern Cape is the birthplace of MSSA as Dr Dean established the chapter in Port Elizabeth in 1966. To celebrate the inception of MSSA we celebrated 50th Anniversary in Port Elizabeth in June 2016. We understand the needs of PwMS (Persons with MS), their families, friends and carers. 

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, degenerative auto-immune disorder / illness of the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord). It is believed that the immune system attacks the myelin sheath (insulation around the nerve fibres) creating short circuits and leaving multiple scars in the brain and spinal cord. These scars hinder the communication of messages between the nerves, interfering with the body’s ability to do what it should. MS'ers have to live with physical impairment and symptoms i.e. fatigue, Seizures, Walking difficulties, Spasticity, Numbness, Vision problems, Dizziness and Vertigo, Bladder & Bowel problems, Cognitive difficulties, Pain, Swallowing problems, Heat & Cold intolerance, Speech problems, Emotional changes, Itching, Tremors, Breathing problems, Hearing loss, Sexual problems, and Headaches (among others). The cause of MS is unknown and a cure is yet to be found.

When a person is diagnosed with MS, he or she is faced with many questions, such as - What is MS? What is going to happen to me? Will I end up in a wheelchair? Is there any way of treating MS? Aside from these questions, he or she may experience feelings of shock, grief, anxiety, disbelief, confusion, anger, or depression. MS also impacts his or her family and friends, in similar ways, in that they also want to know what MS is, and if they still have time with their loved one. They want to know how to cope with this diagnosis and how to assist and support their loved one. They may experience similar feelings, and even feel helpless or guilty. Lifestyle adjustments may also need to be made.

In a nutshell, MS affects the general functioning of both the person with the illness and his or her loved ones. The illness generally has a negative impact on emotional, psychological, social, economic and, or spiritual functioning. As you might imagine, an MS diagnosis can be a traumatic and stressful process. The role of the MSSA is thus to try and lessen the negative impact that PwMS and their loved ones might experience. That being said, persons with MS can lead relatively normal and positive lives, although some lifestyle adjustments may need to be made.

MSSA Vision:
The MSSA envisions the opening of an MS-specific Centre, in the long-term, that would ideally have a multi-disciplinary team in place, to meet the needs of the persons with MS in a holistic manner. The central aim of such a centre would, thus, be to assist the PwMS to live and cope positively and well with MS, and to have an improved quality of life, by promoting physical, psychological, spiritual, emotional, social, and economic well-being. Of course, what is really hoped for is a cure for MS.

MSSA Mission
: The MSSA mission is to serve the MS community with the aim of empowering the patient with correct information, guidance and structures of support. Support being the biggest. 

MSSA Survival:

In order to continue to offer support to the MS Community, the MSSA needs ongoing funding through donations, sponsorship, fundraisers and corporate social responsibility. 

MSSA mission is to deliver within our means: 

- Economic Assistance of PwMS - Grants
- Assistance with Incontinence Products
- Referrals and Guidance to Counselling
- Resources and Information on current Treatments & Mobility aids
- Advocacy
- Fundraising and Awareness
- Established Support groups 
- Events / Info talks / Workshops
- Social Media 

Operates in: Throughout SA
Established in: July 1966

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 003-275
Public Benefit Organisation Number: 9300-175-06

Contact person: Non Smit
Website: www.multiplesclerosis.co.za

- See more at:  https://www.givengain.com/cause/3185/campaigns/12432/

Social media

Please use the hashtag #funds4ms

•         https://www.facebook.com/MultipleSclerosisSA/

•      https://www.instagram.com/multiple_sclerosis_sa/