Charity profile

MIAGI – MUSIC IS A GREAT INVESTMENT’S aim is to unite people and contribute to positive social development through music. MIAGI is a Section 21 Company – not for gain (Reg. No. 2001/015788/08) established in 2001 with support from the South African Department of Arts and Culture.

Over the past 17 years MIAGI developed its brand around the uniting of music genres; Western classical, jazz and ancient indigenous/traditional (African classical) and the many vibrant urban South African music styles that developed from the1940/50s until today.

In this process, we have developed a very fine youth orchestra playing music representing all the above mentioned genres with an eclectic result. The orchestra has toured internationally and has made a name for itself. In October 2016 we produced two full evening shows for ASEA Brown Boveri (ABB) celebrating 'ABB 125 Years' festivities in Zürich. The invaluable, positive impact of a multi-ethnic group of 90 South African youths performing together at highest level was evident.

Another MIAGI flagship project is the music centre that was built on the premises of the Morris Isaacson High School in Soweto, the Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music. The music centre, that also serves as a community centre offers high quality music education, practical and theory, to 300 children and youths. Our Early Childhood Development Programme runs at crèches and pre-schools and offers the children playful elementary music and music literacy training through African song, dance and instrument building.