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  1. Medair brings life-saving relief to people in emergencies – people living through armed conflict, people forced from their homes, people who have lost everything in a disaster. Through the financial support of our supporters worldwide, we can bring emergency medical care, safe drinking water and sanitation, and urgently needed shelter.  A movement is growing. More and more people are using their voi...

    disaster relief

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  1. Chaque vie en vaut la peine
    En situation de crise, nous nous rendons dans les endroits les plus reculés pour aider ceux qui, autrement, seraient oubliés. Rejoignez nous!
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  2. Cancel Hunger - Iraq
    Help families in Iraq recover their lives with dignity.
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Fundraiser projects

Paintings for Peace

By Kate Kardol

Our daughter Chloe is selling her paintings to raise money for kids who do not have a home or doc...

100% Completed
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SFr500 Target

Teaching kids to give

By Priscilla Logan

Peter and Alex first fundraising project

20% Completed
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SFr2,000 Target