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  1. Are you a runner? Join the Nuts Team and raise funds and awareness for #loveyournutsFeel free to contact us (talkballs@loveyournuts.com) if you are interested in a running shirt/vest or if you are one of the ballsy guys there is swimwear too.More about this fantesticle cause is on our website: www.love-your-nuts.comThanks for your fantesticle support!

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  1. Join the Nuts Team and save a child’s life!
    Testicular cancer is most common between 15 and 38 and we target this age group. Join us to save one nut at a time! #loveyournuts
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Rocking 4 Cancer 6.0 - In Aid of LOVE YOUR NUTS

By Casey Lee Jeftha

Men don't talk. Men don't easily go to the doc. I want to make them aware of Testicular Cancer be...

0% Completed
R0 raised
R15,000 Target
170 DAYS

I like running in swimming trunks for a good cause!

By Willem le Roux

Running and making a difference is extremely rewarding. Running in swimming trunks draws attentio...

1% Completed
R100 raised
R50,000 Target
253 DAYS

I'm running in swimwear to break taboos and stigma!

By Handre Lourens

Testicular cancer: Just because it is an "embarrassing place" it’s still not worth dying for! I r...

1% Completed
R200 raised
R50,000 Target
253 DAYS

I'm a testicular cancer survivor thanks to Love Your Nuts!

By Rikus Visser

We like to raise awareness at CT Sixes Cricket festival and funds for #loveyournuts! At cricket...

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R20,000 Target