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  1. Are you a runner? Join the Nuts Team and raise awareness and funds at any running event. If you are interested in a running shirt/vest or if you are one of the ballsy guys there is swimwear too. Raise more than R 1000 (for international  courier service add R 500) and we will send you a vest and swimwear. Feel free to contact us (talkballs@loveyournuts.com) if you like to be fantesticle too. More abou...

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  1. Cycling your nuts off for awareness
    Cycling in branded #loveyournuts wear is a fantesticle way to draw attention to testicular cancer and get the guys to check their nuts!
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  2. Join the fantesticle Nuts Team and save a child’s life!
    Testicular cancer is most common between 15 and 40 and we target this age group. Join us to save one nut at a time! #loveyournuts
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Fundraiser projects

The Sloths are raising funds for Love Your Nuts Foundation

By Ian Pardy

Hi! We need your help. We're raising money for Love Your Nuts Foundation, who do great work for a...

65.3666666666667% Completed
R19,610 raised
R30,000 Target
123 DAYS

Running for the nutters in my life!

By Karin Camara

Make a difference. Speak up. Talk balls... create awareness for testicular cancer. Save a life.

10% Completed
R500 raised
R5,000 Target

16 year old & Testicular Cancer - imagine this is your son!

By Torsten Koehler

“… because you made us aware I went to the doctor in time. I've got testicular cancer too. I'm 16...

13.28% Completed
R2,656 raised
R20,000 Target
215 DAYS

I am raising funds for Love Your Nuts Foundation

By Luc Quevauvilliers

I’m taking part in Comrades Marathon 2020 to raise money for Love Your Nuts Foundation, who are a...

35.5% Completed
R3,550 raised
R10,000 Target