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  1. When is the best time to plant a seed? 20 years ago. When is the second-best time to plant a seed? Today! Life Community Services is a thriving NPO that began 20 years ago. As we plan and look towards the next 20 years, we are asking you to plant with us in the future of hundreds of children in George, South Africa. Your seed will go towards sharing the love of Jesus with children, giving the children an education and food to sustain...

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  1. Stand in the Gap - The Fight Against Covid-19
    Stand in the Gap with Life Community Services as we face this difficult challenge of Covid-19 in the world.
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  2. Cause To Move
    Assist Life in impacting/ sponsoring at least 20 children in 2020. Our target is R 100 000 ($6300) towards education for children. #causetomove
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