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  1. Background:  The Learning Centre strives to support all learners from Grade R up to Grade 12 to reach their full Academic potential. This support is essential due to weak levels in English and Maths literacy as well as the absence or weak IT presence in the schools and homes of the learners in Kayamandi. The learners experience the absence or weak guidance of career and subject choices in their schools and homes. Services Pro...

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  1. Kuyasa Sport Program
    BackgroundThe goal of the Sport Academy is to engage children and youth into sport teams in order to expose them to life skills, educational support and discipleship.  Up to 300 chi...
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  2. Skills training
    BackgroundKuyasa has a big under roof area that has been designated for Skills training, crafters and small business manufacturing initiatives.  There is a kitchen, toilets and offi...
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  3. Kuyasa Study Fund
    The Kuyasa Study Fund enables members of Kuyasa Kids Performing Arts Group (Kuyasa Kids) and members of the leadership group of Kuyasa to study at tertiary institutions in South Africa. ...
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