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  1. The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform are renting 6 portable toilets used by 13 families daily and we are renting 1 portable toilet that is now being used by 68 people daily. This creates a number of problems for us daily and quite frankly is UNDIGNIFIED and INHUMAN. Please help us restore human dignity amongst people who are very often forgotten and push aside because they present so many challenges that cannot be...

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    Food for January campaign aims to prepare meals for the month of the year when children often don't return to school because they are hungry.
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  2. Not a dry spot on Middelpos farm due to heavy rain!
    Our rural farm children and youth are writing their mid-year exams at the moment but due to heavy rains on Middelpos farm, there is no dry spot.
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  3. JUDO - not merely a sport for Rural Farm Children and Youth
    JUDO, is not merely about competing on a Judo mat for rural farm children and youth. For them it is about learning how to fight poverty with strategy.
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