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Heart-to-Heart Care Centre was founded in 1998 by three women, with R50.00 in the Bank, who wanted to make a difference in their communities. Today, 16 years later, there are 20 passionate dedicated staff members who are truly making a positive impact in our communities, Restoring Hope where we can.

Heart-to-Heart Care Centre aims to bring life, hope and opportunity to children made orphaned or vulnerable in South Africa, by HIV/AIDS, TB and poverty. Heart-to-Heart believes that together WE CAN change the destiny of children one child at a time.

What are we about? I'm so glad you asked! We run 4 growing projects at the moment and we're super excited to see them grow. 

  • PREGNANCY CARE: Walking alongside women facing unplanned pregnancies.
  • KIDS ON THE MOVE: This is a afterschool prgram where staff and volunteers create a loving and nurturing environment for ages 7-10 years can come and receive lunch as well as homework help. 
  • LITERACY CENTRE: 70% of children between ages 8-10 will not be able to speak, write or read english by the time they are 13years old. Only 50% of them will go on to write final exams in high school. This tugged at our hearts and therefor the Literacy centre was birthed! Where volunteers along with our Education Coordinator will asses and walk alongside these young ones to make sure they know they are not just a statistic but a life that counts!!
  • CHANGE WON PRJECT: The change won project is an initiative where we empower students to become the best versions of themselves. We have a counselor in almost every high school in our town which supports teens with an ear to listen.

“Give once and you elicit APPRECIATION. Give twice and you create ANTICIPATION. Give three times and you create EXPECTATION. Give four times and it becomes ENTITLEMENT. Give five times and you establish DEPENCENY.”

We evaluate our giving by the benefits received by those we serve, because ultimately our aim is to make a difference. We do not want to create dependency or diminish dignity of those on our programmes, thus our goal is for transition to development, empowerment and self-sustainability. We are very strong on ‘doing with’ rather than ‘doing for’. We therefore expect our parents and carers to also take responsibility for their children and their educational needs. At the beginning of each year, we meet with the parents/carers to establish a beneficial relationship characterised by responsibility, accountability and respect.

We believe in a comprehensive holistic approach and therefore Health, Education, Child Protection, Food Security, Skills Development, After School Care, Support Groups and Community Dialogues all play a part in empowering our communities to take responsibility and make good choices that will have a positive impact in their lives and their communities.

“We are very happy to see how Heart-to-Heart Care Centre thrives in OVC community systems strengthening. NACOSA is very proud to have partnered with such a great champion.” ~ Mokgadi Malahlela, NACOSA Provincial Manager: Western Cape.

“I will always love you my only hope.” ~ Lichaba, 13 year old girl at our School Clubs.

“You are a mother to us. And you love us and we love you mama.” ~ Azola, 13 year old girl at our School Clubs. 

“When I grow up I would love to be a person like you and help people.” ~ Asenathi,  13 year old girl at our School Clubs.

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 Together WE CAN change the destiny of children one child at a time!