Charity profile

Working closely with our stakeholders and partners, we’re developing both short and long-term solutions to help heal Lesvos island, and to protect our ocean life. Based on everything the island stands for, we’re creating a continuous evolving concept that not only defines our new identity, but also our vision for the future.

Healing Lesvos is powerful not-for-profit organization and initiative bringing together the best of humanity to inspire and spark sustainable solutions for change on Lesvos and protect our ocean – now and in the future by harnessing the blue economy, and lobbying for the Avlaki Hope Spot (1st in the Aegean) to be a protected marine diving area with partners like Mission Blue, global entrepreneurs, high-schools and universities alike.

More importantly, Healing Lesvos is pioneering and prototyping a model that can migrate to other areas in pursuit of the United Nation’s SDGs.