Charity profile

Founded in 2010, Hands of Honour is an award-winning social enterprise which was created to address the ever-increasing number of young- and adult men found to be roaming the streets without hope, dependent on government welfare and handouts from soup kitchens in and around Cape Town.

Its founder, Paul Talliard, recognised that an intervention was urgently needed to support men in such situations to restore their dignity, to empower them with the skills to provide for themselves and their families, and to be meaningfully re-integrated into society.  Importantly, they need to pay it forward – their rehabilitation needs to inspire, and have a positive impact on others in similar situations in their communities.

Hands of Honour has developed a unique model using social entrepreneurship as the driver to alleviate poverty, to facilitate skills transfer, and to rehabilitate individuals on its programme.  The model comprises two income generating ventures, namely Cape Town Upcycling Centre. and our Mobile Classrooms on Wheels range ( COW's) . COW's are innovative solar-powered, modular teaching spaces which are able to transform any area into a classroom for learning. Made, in part from upcycled materials, and created in collaboration with educational experts, COWs are designed to be used mainly in under-privileged communities, where space and access to educational resources are limited. They cater for a diverse range of learning needs including ECD ,Adult Literacy ,Teen Entrepreneurship ,STEM learning and Basic Hygiene and Life- Skills
Our objectives are to:
1.Play a critical role in developing our young children and our youth by means of our modular educational spaces and teaching aides.
2.Address the scourge of prolonged unemployment in our communities by means of skills transfer to those who come through our job training/skills development programme.  The outcomes of our project are to create employment and to rehabilitate individuals so that they may contribute meaningfully to society.
3.Give new life, and use, to waste materials and unwanted goods which would otherwise end up on landfill sites.