Cause profile

We create jobs up-cycling corporate waste usually heading to landfill. Allow us to collect your obsolete stock or anything deemed ''junk'' by you or your company,saving you on waste disposal costs.According to the latest statistics, R1.7 Billion worth of obsolete stock/waste heads to landfill in South Africa every year (Joburg International Waste Summit 2015).

HOWEVER, Hands of Honour is already to using this great opportunity for socio-economic development, by creating jobs and businesses,transforming derelict spaces and reducing reliance on declining natural resources,

Our main focus is on creating jobs through up-cycling obsolete stock and recyclable items.Much of this waste is provided through partnerships with the corporate sector and would otherwise end up in landfill.Corporations are the main providers of this obsolete stock/waste .''donating '' their obsolete stock rather than send them on to land-fill.Nine full and part time jobs have ben created and a 11 community eyesores have been transformed into attractive,safe and productive spaces..

Our other focus is on producing and distributing design edu- tools and equipment that encourage critical thinking and creativity in children.

In March 2016 , our latest product The Angel Book Nook was declared one of the winners in the Swarm Vision Global Innovators campaign that called for entries to design pre-school spaces, tools and equipment that re-define early childhood education as well as school furniture and equipment that are more suited for creative thought and play. More than 346 entries were received ,many of them from experts in the design and educational sectors. The Angel Book Nook won in two categories.(1) Best Idea and (2) Best Visual

So far we have distributed Angel Book Nooks to 20 poverty stricken schools in Cape Town.Most of the Angel Book Nooks were sponsored by Corporations while some we sponsored by individuals and educational organizations.

Our current givengain campaign ,Angel Book Nook, encourages Corporations and other Companies to sponsor Angel Book nooks via the GivenGain platform .Feel free to visit our Angel Book Nook campaign to learn more about the campaign and how you can help make a child's life a success through starting to learn to read at and early age