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Global Reconstructive Surgery Outreach - One Heart One Goal To Serve the Poor

- Registration numbers 58510893 (KvK) 853070362 (RSIN) The Netherlands -

A Foundation supporting Doctors and Nurses financially to offer their services free

  • to serve the poorest of the poor
  • in countries where up to 50% of the population has no access to any medical care
  • much needed surgery offered free to restore dignity, self worth and physical function
  • A Call to Compassionate Action in a Hurting World

The Global Burden of Disease amenable to surgery is 11-25%. But at the moment only 0.8% of global funds are allocated to treatable surgical conditions

The majority of these surgical conditions amenable to surgery are mainly one of 7 listed below. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery is involved in 3 of the 7 conditions;

  • Burn Contractures
  • Congenital conditions; eg Cleft lip and palate, hand and feet abnormalities
  • Trauma
  • Eyes conditions; eg cataracts
  • Obstetric Fistulas
  • Club Feet
  • Hernias and Goiters