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Charity profile

  • Our country needs to create jobs.
  • We can either create more of the same jobs or
  • Recognise that there are new job types emerging.

The founding partners of GROW are WooThemes, RLabs, Silulo, Webgrowth, Get Smarter and the GivenGain Foundation South Africa. We have a common vision and objective to make a difference in our city and our nation by providing a stepping-stone for school leavers and the digitally passionate unemployed to get back into the job market.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. WordPress, Flickr, Picasa, MXit, YouTube, Vimeo

The list continues, and so do the new skills that need to be learnt to operate these new business tools as well as to apply them to companies and organisations. These skills are needed to become more effective, more efficient in connecting with other roleplayers and to learn more about the markets they serve.

“What’s required is a kind of social media sherpa, who can find you the audience you seek, who can reach to them on the platforms where they are already congregating, and who can help promote in tasteful ways that fit the sensitivities of the networks where your audiences are found.” – Chris Brogan, author of “Trust Agents”

GROW Academy is training skilled operators and digital artisans to fill this gap in the market.