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  1. ABOUT THE PROJECT The drivers of forest degradation in Sub-Saharan Africa are multiple and compounding. From unregulated logging (often by foreign companies) to clearing for cash crops, to overuse of trees for fuel, human activity is putting increasing and devastating pressure on forest ecosystems.  For this reason, our Forests for Life programme seeks not only to restore forest ecosystems through planting trees but a...


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  1. Boland Trees for Bees Pledge Fund
    A partnership between The Bee Effect and Boland Cellar to fund trees that feed our honey bees.
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  2. The Big Food Drive Community Gardens
    Contribute to food security by supporting community-based urban food gardens.
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  3. Trees for Fees 2021 - Greenpop Eden Festival of Action
    Activate your network. Raise funds for trees. Join the Eden Festival of Action!
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  4. Greenpop - Fynbos for the Future
    Help us conserve Cape Town's precious fynbos ecosystem.
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Fundraiser projects

I am raising funds for Greenpop's 2021 Eden Festival of Action.

By Gabriel Henley

I, Gabriel Henley, am an adventurous and creative person who enjoys reading,cycling and exploring...

7.60416666666667% Completed
R730 raised
R9,600 Target

I am raising funds for Greenpop Foundation

By Nozipho Makhanda

Hallo, Fellow Stewards of the Environment! I are raising funds on behalf of Greenpop Foundat...

7% Completed
US$56 raised
US$800 Target

I am raising funds for Greenpop Foundation

By Tyra Scorgie

Hi, I’m raising money for Greenpop Foundation, who do such amazing work for a great cause that me...

22.8020833333333% Completed
R2,189 raised
R9,600 Target

I am raising funds for Greenpop Foundation

By Carman Pillay

Hi! I need your help. I'm taking part in Eden Festival of Action 2021 to raise money for Greenpop...

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R10,000 Target