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  1. ABOUT THE PROJECT The drivers of forest degradation in Sub-Saharan Africa are multiple and compounding. From unregulated logging (often by foreign companies) to clearing for cash crops, to overuse of trees for fuel, human activity is putting increasing and devastating pressure on forest ecosystems.  For this reason, our Forests for Life programme seeks not only to restore forest ecosystems through planting trees but also ...


    R675,546 raised
    22 Fundraiser projects
    344 Donors

Other campaigns

  1. Greening the Helderberg Hospital!
    Help us plant a fynbos garden at the Helderberg Hospital with the support of Stellenbosch University and the Helderberg Hospital community.
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  2. Greenpop - Family Food Gardens
    The Family Food Garden project aims to equip individuals with the skills to be able to sustainably grow their own food at home.
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  3. Trees for Honey Bees Pledge Fund
    The Bee Effect and Greenpop are feeding honey bees well into our future - customise your donation by choosing your own amount and frequency.
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  4. The Big Food Drive Community Gardens
    Contribute to food security by supporting community-based urban food gardens.
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