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  1. Our oceans have become heavily polluted with toxic plastic waste that takes centuries to break down, causing damage to plant and animal life under the sea. At Greenpeace Africa, we seek to protect precious natural resources and biodiversity from exploitation.Birds, fish, penguins, turtles and whales are losing their lives as their natural environment becomes excessively polluted with man-made plastic waste. This is a serious issue af...

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  1. Rejoignez Greenpeace Afrique
    Greenpeace se bat en Afrique pour protéger les forêts, lutter contre la surpêche et le changement climatique, et promouvoir une agriculture durable.
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  2. Food For Life
    Ecological Farming in Africa  About 70% of Africa’s population depends on agriculture for their livelihoods; making it the backbone of most African economies. Despite this,...
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  3. 100 Pollution-Stopping Adverts Across the Country!
    We’ve been given an incredible opportunity to highlight Eskom’s mega pollution plans – but we need your help to make it happen. We’ve been offered 100 advertisin...
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The WAR on plastic!

By Deon Bester

There are literally islands, or large floating islands in the ocean, made of the plastic...we nee...

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