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  1. Dear Friends & Family of Goedgedacht TrustEdith, the wife of a seasonal farm worker, was newly married and had always wanted a child but she felt this was not a good time. Her husband’s seasonal work and concern with money made her wonder if there would ever be a good time? Then she found out she was pregnant and she felt a cold dread. How was she going to look after the baby? Who could she turn to for guidance and advice? What would...

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  1. How to make your shoes last; hang them around your neck.
    At our Path onto Prosperity Youth Centres, we have HUNDREDS of children who don’t have shoes or who hang them around their necks to make them last!
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  2. Support the Goedgedacht Youth Centre
    Please help us to keep our Centre's doors open to the local farm children.
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  3. Donate an Olive Tree
    Donate an olive tree and leave a living legacy
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