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Forest Town

School was the first school in South Africa for children with disabilities. It has served thousands of children over the last 6 decades, it has pioneered innovative educational, medical and therapy models, amongst many other programmes the school offers to 350 children and youth between the ages of 3 and 22 years of age. There are 85 members of staff of which 16 critically needed posts are not government subsidized. The aim is to provide individualized interventions and treatment from an early age, culminating in the Work Experience Programme post-school learnership programme, followed by employment in the skill that they have chosen for the workplace.

Half of the school population are fee exempt and they receive all of the services at the school free of charge. Children are drawn from a 60km radius around
greater Johannesburg. Over 89% of children come from very difficult socio-economic situation, ranging from high-density low income areas to mothers from rural areas who move to Johannesburg to work as domestics in order admit their disabled children into the school. The school is a registered NGO, PBO and Section 18a Tax Exemption. Only 20% of the school’s budget is in the form of a government subsidy,
the rest must be supported through donor funding.