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  1. If you would like to donate, but do not wish to do it through these means, please contact Andrea Barlow, director@falklands-museum.co.fkThe FALKLAND ISLANDS MUSEUM & NATIONAL TRUST stewards a large collection of artefacts yet unseen by the public. These artefacts, that range from items left in the aftermath of 1982, to the larger items in our collection such as the Sea King Search & Rescue helicopter flown by The Duke of Cambridge wh...

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  1. Bringing the Harrier and Lynx home
    The Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust is being gifted a Sea Harrier and Lynx Mk8 for display - please help us bring them south.
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  2. Building the Lookout Gallery Exhibition Hall
    Please help us build the Lookout Gallery & Exhibition Hall in the Falkland Islands.
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