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FABS Trust (FRANCOPHONIE AFRO BANGLA SPORTS) - promoting well being in Bangladesh through sport.

Fabs Trust teaches Sport & Physical Education in 10 schools, organizes football tournament & marathon, promotes athletes and takes care of 10 street children in  sport and is supported by organizations and individuals.

Our focus of the coming 2 years is "The introduction of sport & physical education in 10 schools in Uttara, Dhaka-Bangladesh" Read more here...

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Fabs Trust (FRANCOPHONIE AFRO BANGLA SPORTS) - Promouvoir le bien etre au Bangladesh au travers le Sport.

Fabs Trust enseigne l'Education Physique et Sportive dans 10 Ecoles, organise les tournois de football, de birminthon et des marathons, fait la promotion des athletes et prend soin des enfants de la rue dans le domaine du sport.

Fabs Trust est soutenue par les individus et les organisations 

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