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  1. The RPC is a fundraiser for Rhinos and Bearded Vultures organised by Running Man Adventures that involves 12 Elite runners and 12 Persons of Influence running up the iconic Rhino Peak in the Southern Drakensberg on World Rhino Day. Funds are raised via a pledge system related to the time it takes the runners to complete the 21km course. In 2016 over R290 000 was raised.The RPC will be taking place again on the 22nd of Sept, World Rhi...


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  1. Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge 2017
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  2. Our heroes - Anatolian Shepherd dogs
    Each pup costs R5000 to source from a specialised breeder.
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  3. Threatened Amphibian Programme
    Protecting crucial wetland habitat of the Critically Endangered Pickersgill’s Reed Frog on the KwaZulu-Natal coast
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Dugong what we can

By Albert Cornelissen

Help the Dugongs as I build cool stuff.

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