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  1. Recently I painted two watercolour illustrations of the African Wild Dog and the Pangolin. In my research to get better acquainted with the species, I watched hours of videoclips to get to know these creatures.  I fell in love with the lush marbling of the Wild dogs’ beautiful fur coats, threaded with hair-strings of pearl, charcoal and golden ochre. Careful attention went to the eyes, in pursuit of a connection to these threat...


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  1. Funds for Wildlife
    Cristina Heywood is raising funds for wildlife. R100 donation gains you one entry into a draw for 6 prizes: 2 weekend away stays, art and more.
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  2. International support for the Endangered Wildlife Trust
    Help us to keep our vision of a healthly planet and an equitable world that values and sustains the diversity of all life, alive.
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  3. Lapalala Wild Dogs
    Endangered Wildlife Trust, Lapalala Wilderness & Tintswalo Lapalala working together to conserve one of the last free roaming packs of Wild Dogs.
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I am raising funds for Endangered Wildlife Trust

By Gavin Chamberlain

Hi! We are at it again this year by selling Lion calendars for 2021 (SAME PRICE AS LAST YEAR R300...

6.932% Completed
R3,466 raised
R50,000 Target