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Faith Based community development initiative committed to Kingdom-yeast (Matthew 13:33) a continuous renewal of the mind and proven moral values into a confused world of relativism, situation ethics, empty intentions and much deceit.
Rather than standing accused of being agents of institutionalized control, our objective is the encouragement of a Godly character, to be reflected in all aspects of community life and development in Southern Africa. The Face of Africa reflects the character of its leaders and its people. A hungry Africa and a hungry world cannot be the reflection of the Full Gospel.
It is our firm conviction that every individual, family, congregation, community, society, region and continent contributes to a commonwealth of hope, prospects and development based upon lasting Biblical Principles and well established moral values that promote integrity, ownership, stewardship, responsibility, self confidence, mutual benefit, trust and fruit that last.
While other world-views and teachings are acknowledged, we avoid the history of fleeting seasons of man-centered world orders in preference of a lasting God-centered ethic that brings glory to the Great I AM who revealed Himself to Adam, Abraham, Moses, The Apostles, Paul and others, - and through Jesus Christ (Yah who Redeems), the Word that became flesh and dwelt amongst us. Prayer is essential for preparing the way to reach the unreached. We promote values and practical Biblical theology that serve as beacons of light, strengthen society and strongly encourage future generations. We at ESPI walk the Gospel-talk into Africa by means of Faith in Action and Fruit that Last.

Jeremiah 20:7-12